Born in Colchester England.
Resides in Concord, MA.

BFA in painting from Gordon College in Wenham, MA.
Studied at the New York Center for Arts & Media Studies in NYC.


My interest is to continually discover and describe beauty. Mostly inspired by sound and sight, my work is created to describe moments of tranquility, movement, and imagination. The pursuit involves an abstract and naturalistic vocabulary within the window of a painted surface.

My hope is to help people recognize that beauty is all around us by painting forms that may or may not be familiar. Whether the landscapes seem mundane or the subject matter far from familiar, I find it worthwhile to put these subjects on a surface to see freshly.

The landscape of the North Shore of Massachusetts as well as artists such as Richard Diebenkorn, Jasper Johns, Rothko, Agnes Martin, Barnett Newman, and mentors Bruce Herman (studied under Philip Guston, David Aronson) and painter, sculptor, mentor Jim Zingarelli have been of inspiration.